Clinicsoccupational therapist explains finger circus to patient.

For clinics and other institutions, the dexterity exercise games, provide an additional and meaningful occupation for clients, between therapies.

Clients can log in and exercise self sufficiently. So they have the opportunity to consolidate their fine motor skills that were trained in the therapy session.

Therapists will be impressed by the online therapist area. Here you can stay in close contact with the patient while he is training. You can change settings and review the clients' development.

how it works   

  1. Aquire a preset tablet with the exercise programm "finger circus" from fingers in motion.
  2. Also you will receives the login data to access the online therapist area and set up profiles for your clients
  3. You adapt the settings to the client (size of hand, right/left, choice of exercises...).
  4. In the occupational therapy session, the fine motor exercises are shown, the best posture is talked over and an exercise plan is created.
  5. The client practices self-sufficiently In a common room, in his room or in a group-therapy setting.
  6. You discusse the development with the client, based on the exercise data.
  7. You get an overview of the exercising process of all of your clients and can adjust the settings as needed.

Doctors, therapists and scientists recomend fingers in motion app.Evidence Based:

In modern occupational therapy, clients are treated according to  the latest scientific findings.
New studies prove that our brain is reorganized all our life. Nerve tracts can be reactivated through targeted exercise, but will atrophy if unused.

Exercises should have certain attributes, so that the existing function in hand and fingers can be improved, and the active range of motion is extended.

Exercises should contain the following features:

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